Expert & Couple’s Comments

Comments from Experts:

Catholic Engaged Encounter has won recognition from the National Association of Catholic Family Ministers (NACFLM) with the “Outstanding Organization in Family Life Ministries” award. They state:

“This award is presented to Catholic Engaged Encounter to acknowledge the number of years that this organization has provided excellent marriage preparation. Your members have worked tirelessly to provide training, outlines and resources for this important ministry. Your presence in many dioceses throughout the United States is a testimony to the impact that you have had on new families. The CARA study and evaluation of Catholic Engaged Encounter speaks of the value and importance of this ministry for the Catholic Church and other denominations as well.”

Michael J. McManus, author of the book, “Marriage Savers”, syndicated columnist in 100 newspapers and radio commentator says:

“Engaged Encounter is the best marriage preparation program in communication for engaged couples of any denomination in the U.S.”

Sheri & Bob Stritof, authors of “The Everything Great Marriage Book”, and the Marriage Guides at says:

“We believe that Engaged Encounter is an opportunity for engaged couples to truly connect with one another on important topics and issues without being distracted by daily life.”

Past Hawaii Weekend Couple Say:

“It was required that I go this weekend. I’m glad I attended because I really got a chance to spend the whole weekend with my fiance, especially with our busy schedules. We really had time to talk without any distractions. I know that I really love Chelsie and YES it was a great weekend!”

– Kalani

“The weekend allowed us to explore our relationship and set time aside to focus on that relatioship. Being away from home helped because it took away the daily distractions of life. The overall process helped us and provided tool for effective communication.”


“We loved the format of the program…It takes the engagement and wedding experience from beginning to end, with a deep look at ourselves as individual and as a couple. We felt even stronger about the decision to marry by our experience with this program. I also learned a lot about myself . Thanks a million!”


“It was good to hear from other couples about their marriage experience and hear about the different ways we can be open and life-giving in our marriage. I thought it was great that there was someone here to talk about Natural Family Planning. My fiance and I are going to try and attend one of their classes. Also the food was really good! Also, you guys teached us awesomely about “How marriage work on us!” 🙂 Thank you and God Bless.

-Charles & Maricel

“This weekend affords couples the opportunity to become closer to one another and include God into their relationship”

-Edward & Christy Keaunui, Presenting Team